malaysia Rfid car parking system

RFID based Car Parking System is a simple project that offers an efficient car parking management system with the help of RFID Technology.

Car parking management in organisations and malls often consists of many tasks like issuing tokens, noting the check-in and check-out time, calculating fare and finally collecting the amount.

As the number of vehicles are increasing, the problems faced by manual parking management system are also increasing. Such problems can be eliminated to some extent by implementing an intelligent parking system where the entry and exit of cars is monitored and payment is made easy with sensor technology.

Principle of Malaysia RFID based Car Parking System in KL Kuala Lumpur ,Selangor,Klang Valley .
The principle of operation of the project lies in functioning of RFID, RTC and EEPROM.

RFID Card is specific to the user and the card details are pre-programmed in the microcontroller. When the RFID card is swiped against the RFID Reader, it gets energised from the reader and sends the information to the reader.

The reader then transmits the card’s information to the microcontroller via serial communication protocol.

The microcontroller then checks for the received card details with already stored details and checks for authenticity of the card.

If the card is existing in the database, the microcontroller will check for the current time in the RTC module and stores the in time details of the particular card in the EEPROM.

The communication between the microcontroller and RTC module is using I2C protocol. The communication between the microcontroller and the EEPROM is also using I2C protocol.

If the card is swiped again, the in time details from the EEPROM and out time details from the RTC are taken and the fare is calculated as per the tariffs.

What is benefit of parking access control system?

  • Prevention is better than cure. It is better to block unauthorized visitor right at the entrance rather than trying to catch them after they are inside the premise. Filtering out unauthorized visitor from the very beginning will effectively reduce internal security threat.
  • Software allowed detailed access activity report for audit in the event of crime.
  • Immediately deny entry to tenant that did not pay monthly maintenance service fees. Effectively improve service fees collection rate.
  • Immediately deny entry to tenant that has been black listed to declined access permission
  • Mid range and long range reader allow user to flash card from inside the car without winding down windows. No more hand getting wet during those rainy days. You can enjoy the fullest comfort from the benefit of our mid range and long range RFID technology.
  • Optional advance software support CCTV picture capture to record visual evidence of every entry and exit activity. These visual pictures evidence is very useful to assist crime investigation. Guard will be able to help deter crime more effectively with help of CCTV integration into parking access system.

Barrier Gate And Long Range RFID Reader

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